Brake and Clutch Lever Guards



Brake and Clutch Lever Protectors
Mandatory for numerous race classes around the world. Brake protectors were created as a safety device to stop accidental application of the brake lever by another rider or machine in a racing environment. As a by product they also help protect your hands and motorcycle in the event of an accident.

Fully Adjustable For Reach and Fit.
Total adjustment ranges from 0-40mm. Adjusted using two M5 countersink steel fasteners, this allows the brake protector to be tailored to each individuals lever setup.

Ergonomically Designed Brake Protector
The 30mm "Dropped" offset for hand clearance allows the rider full throttle control without interference when hanging off the bike. Fully radiused edges to stop any chance of snagging your glove. Angled inwards to alleviate the spearing action of straight brake protectors. Outer blade machined from engineering grade plastic. This is extremely tough with a little bit of give to help absorb impacts.

High Spec Components.
14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm & 19mm collets for hollow bars/clipons and adaptors for BMW OEM handlebars: S1000RR and R nineT
All fasteners are made from hi-tensile steel, far stronger and tougher than stainless steel. Will not strech or snap. Fully bright zinc coated. The collet system that is designed to draw the brake protector onto the end of the handlebar. Will fit hollow tube handlebars only. Road bike specific fittings are in development for standard OEM bars. Anodised aluminium components for strength and lightness. Spare parts are readily available.

Clutch Protectors.
Both Brake & Clutch Protectors.
Clutch lever protectors are available for the road rider. The clutch guard is a direct mirror of the brake protector with all of the same advantages.

MCE British Superbikes
Supported Teams: CPE Motosport and GA Racing
CPE Motosport run two bikes in BSB 600 Superstock. Levi Day (57) and James Pickford (2).
G A Racing run one bike with Josh Elliott (10) in the same series but in the Superstock 1000 class.
"Having spent all last season using different brake protectors from different suppliers and finding positives and negatives with each I was fortunate enough to see the Alloysport version from an early stage as we already use many of their parts.This protector gives us all we require.Its lightweight and has great adjustment and looks fantastic too, a really well engineered bit of kit." Gene Adams G A Racing



Dimensions/Sizes PDF

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BMW S1000RR/R9T Fitting instructions PDF

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